Vivo Mobile Price List in India

vivo mobile priceIndia is flooded with so many Chinese smartphones companies in recent years. Most of these are selling Android based mobiles that are low cost and comes with tons of unique features. Vivo is another company from the same region that has entered in Indian smartphones market to cash in the growing demand. Vivo mobile prices are generally in range of Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 15,000, but they also have super low budget budget phones as well high end premiums phones.


Whether you need a Vivo mobile that cost you less than 5,000 or a decent specification phone that comes under 10,000, you have plenty of options from Vivo. In the section below we have published a list of Vivo Mobile Price along with their model names. You can explore and compare these models based on features and offered price.


These days the major issue with smartphone users is the low capacity battery. Their phones constantly run out of battery and then you look for the charger. This is apparent when you see the recent surge in demand for power banks. This is why people look for mAH value of a smartphone battery when they purchase a new phone. In that case Vivo mobiles scores over other smartphones in India, because they come with excellent capacity batteries that not only charge quickly but also give terrific performance in. terms of how long they can last with single full charge.


Most Vivo phones comes with 2500+ mAh battery that ensures no more worrying about battery getting discharger. If you prefer a smartphone for watching lots of online videos, listening music and playing games, then you can surely opt for a Vivo mobile with 2500+ mAH battery. One also need to understand that battery performance of a smartphone also depend on other factors such as brightness of display, calling usage, graphics usage of apps, etc. This is why it is imperative to consider your phone usage before you pick a Vivo smartphone. If you prefer quick charging, then Vivo also have several phones that comes with quick charging feature and that hardly takes 20-30 minutes to fully recharge your phone.


Vivo Smartphone Price List

Price is the key deciding factor when buying a phone. Good thing is that Vivo mobile price is generally on the lower side compared to other companies. You can get a really nice, features packed Vivo mobile in the price range of Rs. 10,000 to 15,000. Take a look at price list of all Vivo smartphones in India here:

Vivo Mobile Price
Vivo V5 Rs. 15,300
Vivo Y55s Rs. 10,700
Vivo V5 Plus Rs. 23,990
Vivo Y53 Rs. 8,850
Vivo Y66 Rs. 12,990
Vivo Y55L Rs. 10,200
Vivo Y51L Rs. 8,900
Vivo Y21L Rs. 6,450
Vivo V3 Rs. 14,900
Vivo Y21 Rs. 6,650
Vivo V3 Max Rs. 16,000
Vivo Y28 (8GB) Rs. 16,000
Vivo Y11 Rs. 4,900
Vivo Y31L Rs. 8,500
Vivo Y25 Rs. 6,450
Vivo V5 Lite Rs. 20,999
Vivo V1 Rs. 15,400
Vivo X5 Max Rs. 21,500
Vivo Y15 Rs. 6,500
Vivo Y15s Rs. 8,000
Vivo V1 Max Rs. 13,600
Vivo Y31 Rs. 9,500
Vivo Y28 Rs. 8,600
Vivo X5 Pro Rs. 16,000
Vivo Y22 Rs. 10,000
Vivo Y27L 16GB Rs. 13,900
Vivo X28 Rs. 9,800
Vivo Y27L Rs. 11,900
Vivo X3S Rs. 12,000
Vivo X Shot X710 Rs. 18,900


RAM is like an energy source for your smartphone. Well not really, but it is the RAM in your phone that decides how fast your smartphone can perform while running applications. This is why Vivo mobiles does better in performance because they are built with high RAMs to be able to run apps smoothly. Currently there are 4GB Vivo mobiles available that you can purchase and enjoy a blazing fast mobile phone. They are super fast and can handle any type of apps, games and multi-tasking. 4GB RAM in a smartphone is just mind blowing because that’s the amount of RAM you get in an entry level laptops and desktops these days.

If you depend on your phone to do multi-tasking and lot for office work on the go, then you should opt for one of the Vivo phones, They are quite capable of handling complex operations simultaneously and without any lags. Loving using multiple applications at the same time? Get a Vivo phone and you won’t see any slow down in your phone. You should done with those lagging smartphones when you have a new Vivo mobile in your hand.

Display is another important aspect that can be a deal maker or breaker when it comes buying a mobile phone. People these days have the option to pick a phone with IPS LCD, OLED, AMOLED, super AMOLED display. Therefore, deciding about the kind of display you want is important. Vivo smartphones come with excellent quality displays and their viewing experience is absolutely amazing. They are available in different sizes as well. Whether you like watching videos in high definition or like playing those graphically beautiful games, a Vivo mobile is all you need.

What is a smartphone without a good camera these days? Well, it’s absolutely useless if a phone does not have a good camera. Every Vivo smartphone comes with high quality image sensor and the camera quality is outstanding to say the least. You can click photos with greatest detail possible and the super sharp images will surely impress you. There are Vivo phones available under Rs. 15,000 price range that comes with 13 Megapixel camera to take incredible photos and videos. The new Vivo V5 comes with a whopping 20 Megapixel Selfie camera that takes stunning self shot photos.

The most important aspect of a mobile phone is the operating system on which it runs. Although most phone these days are built on Android, but it is the latest version that most of them lack. Having said that, latest Vivo smartphones comes with Android Marshmallow OS out of the box or whichever android version is the newest. Everything said and done, it all comes down to the price of a phone. Vivo mobile price is generally on the lower side because they are aimed towards budget friendly segment. Therefore, you can easily get a Vivo handset in the range of Rs. 6,000 to 15,000 or higher if you prefer a top end model.


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