Vivo Mobile Battery Repair & Replacement

Vivo Mobile Battery ReplacementIf there is something in a mobile phone that gets damaged in most cases, it has to be the battery. Most vivo mobiles comes with good quality battery, but just like any other electronic product, battery of a smartphone can have problems at any time. It is obviously frustrating when your phone suddenly switch off because of faulty battery issue. Generally a mobile phone’s battery goes completely dead or does not hold charge no matter how long you put it on charging. If that is also the case with your Vivo mobile phone, then it is better to opt for Vivo mobile battery replacement.


To get the battery of your Vivo phone repaired, you should visit the authorized vivo mobile service center in your city. They have highly skilled mobile repair technicians that provide battery problem related assistance and other help. You can take the device to their service center and ask to repair the battery or opt for new battery replacement if the phone is in warrantee. They will most like keep the phone in the center for few days because ordering spare parts takes time. So, please have patience in that process and your device will surely be fixed sooner or later.


Most Vivo customer care center takes few minutes only diagnose the issue with the battery, but if the problem is rare then it may take more time. Based on their assessment they offer solution to fix the problem. We recommend getting your vivo mobile prepared from their official service center only, because they provide genuine spare parts and does not void the warranty as well.



  1. Sir i have nonremovable battery my warranty time period is 8 months from date of purchase
    Will it be still available for warranty period…?

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